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A documentary film that follows director Rotimi Rainwater, a former homeless youth, as he travels the country to shine a light on the epidemic of youth homelessness in America
Year: 2019
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Ummmk. I wanted to watch this until I realized they are focusing almost exclusively on WHITe YOUTH (as usual. That song was written against drug out the lyrics. And Alice rules. Beautiful song, fantastic artist. Awesome. I can't get a girl cuz I ain't got Tinder I ain't got Tinder cuz I ain't got a card I ain't got card cuz I ain't got a job I ain't got a job cuz I just finish school The vicious circle of life. Alice cooper is a God. Saw the first half of this movie more than 20 years ago, after some research it took me awhile to find out what the movie was called. I never finished it since. Glad I dug it up, so I can finally finish it. They didn't have DVR back then for movies on TV. It's been itching at me for some time to finish watching it, so I finally got it.

Love to see them live. I love Alice my one of my favourite guys in the world just seeing this guy talk makes me smile hes frigging brilliant. Yes kids that's his real voice. not some computer generated buckshot. the real deal one of my heroes. BEST ROCK BALLAD. Now we just need Poison to write a song called Alice Cooper. I'll be riding my bike down to OK City for his show in July. Seen AC seven times, I think...


Finaly got the first part of the comic shown in this video, just two more to go

Sometimes the right actors are cast in the right film at the right time. This is one of those films, although there probably aren't a whole lot of people today that know of it. It's pure comedy gold.




Video bittorrent download where streaming Lost in America
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